We understand that planning a safari is a long process and that somewhere along the way, you do forget something, no matter how hard you try. Therefore we have established a short list for you just to help you with the basic stuff.

· Flash light
· Sun protection lotion (We suggest an SPF of 30 to 50)
· Lip balm
· Sun-glasses
· Hat
· Bow or rifle
· Bow or rifle accessories
· Camouflage clothes 
· Diary
· Casual clothing and shoes for evenings, leisure time and travel
· Socks
· Two pairs of hunting boots
· Two pairs of long pants for hunting
· Variety of short and long sleeved shirts for hunting
· Warm sweaters ( if safari is any time from April to August)
. A light jacket for wind or rain
· A warm jacket( if safari is any time from April to August
· Thermal underwear
· Gloves (functional for hunting)
· Bathing suit
· Flashlight and batteries
· Camera and film and/or video camera, tapes and charger
· Binoculars
· Bag or pack for taking personal items on hunt
· Leather belt and ammunition pouch