To us hunting is not about finding an animal that qualifies as a trophy as fast as possible and shooting it, just to have one more on our wall. To us hunting is about the experience, the valuable time you spend in nature, seeing the animals in their natural terrain, learning about their struggle for live, their unbelievable toughness, their beauty and passing it on to the generations to come.

We believe you as hunter feel the same and would like to share this unique experience with you! Being able to see over 100 animals a day and more than 20 different species is not a dream, it’s a reality waiting just for you.


After a good night rest, we will wake you up at about 5:30 – 6:00. A hearty breakfast and coffee will be enjoyed and the plans for the day will be discussed. Your hunting vehicle and PH will be waiting for you and will take you to the hunting area you will be hunting for the day. You will be driving around in a well-equipped 4x4 vehicle until game, or signs of game, is spotted. Once any of these two is spotted, you and your PH will get off the car and continue the stalk by foot.

You will stalk according to your fitness level and preference and your PH will inform you when you are in a shooting position. During the stalk, your PH will bring you between 80 and 200 yards from your trophy. Shooting sticks ( a rest for your rifle in order to ensure a stable position for you to shoot from) will then be set up, he will move in behind you and assist you in finding your trophy. Once you notify your PH that the animal is in sight, you will get clear directions when to take the shot.

If you have been successful in the shot and the PH is confident that the animal is dead, you will move to your trophy. After all the excitement the photographs will be taken and the hunting vehicle will pick you and your trophy up. If however the animal was wounded, your PH will do his utmost best in tracking and locating the animal as soon as possible.
Once back at the lodge, the animal will be offloaded and skinned by the professional skinning team according to your instructions. All your trophies will be tagged and transported to the taxidermy free of cost after the hunt.